• MARLIN Engineering was retained by the City of Hollywood Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) to perform a traffic operational analysis for a proposed two‐way street conversion of Tyler Street. Tyler Street is currently a short three block segment that has three lanes operating as a one-way roadway in the core of downtown Hollywood. The street has generally low traffic volumes and experiences high speeds relative to the downtown context of the area.
  • MARLIN analyzed the roadway segment of Tyler Street from 21st Avenue to Young Circle to a two‐lane, two‐way traffic pattern while maintaining the on-street parking on both sides of the street. The analysis included a conversion to two-way operations including two alternatives, one with the two way left turn lane in the center and the other with increased sidewalks widths. The results indicated that the roadway would operate at acceptable levels and could be redesigned in context with the area allowing for new landscaping, a better bicycle and pedestrian environment and maintain the existing one street parking redesigned for both directions.
  • Hollywood, Florida
  • Hollywood Community Redevelopment Agency
  • Traffic Engineering
  • Data Collection
  • Traffic Operational Analysis
  • Cost Estimates