• MARLIN provided traffic engineering and transportation planning services for the City of Miami. The traffic engineering services included performing preliminary field visits to evaluate the existing conditions, 24-hour volume and speed studies, data analysis, and crash analysis. Several public meetings were also conducted to identify any public concerns related to traffic mobility along local residential streets. Finalizing the traffic calming plan included creating traffic calming criteria, and developing prioritization and scoring models. Feasible alternatives and appropriate solutions for implementation were recommended for the warranted intersections or roadway segments.
  • As part of the Citywide Traffic Calming Master Plan, traffic calming studies were performed at areas such as the Shenandoah, Silver Bluff, the North Grove, the Roads Neighborhood, and the Flagami Area. Several traffic calming measures were recommended to reduce adverse traffic impacts such as speeding and excessive volumes within the areas and improve safety and amenity. These traffic calming measures included both the Passive Control Measures and the active Physical Control Measures. Some of the traffic calming devices recommended for improving mobility and safety in the City of Miami areas included roundabouts, traffic circles, extended chokers, full chokers, narrowed lanes, and forced turn islands.
  • Miami, Fl
  • City of Miami
  • Roadway Design 
  • Traffic Calming 
  • Design of NW 14 Street 
  • Traffic Study in Roads Area 
  • Programming and Schematic Design 
  • Design Concept 
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  • Planning Summary 
  • Public Involvement
  • Coordination with Miami Dade County Public Works Department 
  • Construction Engineering and Inspections 
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