• The City of Fort Lauderdale tasked MARLIN to provide plan documents to allow the City to repurpose the outside lanes on NE 15th Avenue from Sunrise Boulevard     to north of 13th Avenue to buffered/protected bicycle lanes. These plans include harmonization with the bike lanes north of NE 13th Avenue, at least one location for a median neighborhood entry sign, bike boxes, opportunities to locate protective planters, and two marked crossing locations. MARLIN also participated in a community event to implement the lane repurposing early through a quick build project coordinated by the City and the MPO implemented the project with temporary pavement markings and planter boxes in anticipation of infrastructure improvements in FY 2025. MARLIN performed before and after data collection using our high resolution cameras and video detection reporting system.  The data reports shown above show a successful shows a proof of concept for this project as the people who walk (yellow) and the people who bike (red) showed significant changes in behavior once the bike lanes and marked crosswalk were implemented
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