• MARLIN conducted a feasibility study for 17th Street Exclusive Transit and Protected Buffered Bicycle Lanes in Miami Beach, consistent with the City’s Transportation Master Plan (TMP) adopted by resolution on April 13, 2016. This effort is compatible with the City of Miami Beach Pedestrian and Bicycle Master Plan. These plans were adopted to implement transportation projects which accommodate pedestrians first; bicycles, transit, and freight second; and private automobiles third. The 17th Street Exclusive Transit and Protected Buffered Bicycle Lanes feasibility study identified and assessed existing transportation conditions and recommended multimodal transportation improvements through a complete roadway repurposing to provide exclusive transit and protected or buffered bicycle lanes. The study area ran along 17th Street from Bay Drive to Beach Walk. Within this corridor, MARLIN investigated the impacts of extending the Venetian Causeway Bike lanes through the entire corridor and analyzed a potential. Exclusive Transit Lane consistent with the City Transportation Master Plan. Up to 3 concepts were provided, including short-range and long-range proposals. Three alternatives were developed. The other options were designed based on key issues, consistency with City, FDOT, national guidelines, and input from the Public and key area Stakeholders. The recommended Plan includes components from all three alternatives, including major pedestrian upgrades, a continuous bicycle lane on 17 Street connecting the Venetian Causeway bicycle lane to the Beachwalk, and a combination Bus/Bicycle Lane from Meridian Avenue to Collins Avenue. We recommend that 17 Street be designed for 30 mph for 10” lanes.
  • Miami beach, Florida
  • City of Miami Beach
  • Transportation Planning
  • Complete Streets
  • Conceptual Design
  • Public Involvement
  • Place-Making Concepts