• THEA procured MARLIN Engineering, Inc. (MARLIN) to develop a micro mobility counts program strategic plan and collect micro mobility traffic volume counts on 3 different facilities (the Selman Greenway, Meridian Avenue, and Brandon Parkway) with several goals including: understanding micro mobility travel behaviors, increasing safety/knowledge of travel user safety concerns, and developing/establishing a micro mobility counting program that supports operations, engineering, and facility maintenance activities upon these facilities. Micromobility, for the purposes of this report, refers to both bicycle and pedestrian traffic. THEA requested prioritizing safety when considering sites where data would be collected by reviewing crosswalks, high traffic volume locations and high-speed motorized facilities. Understanding THEAs purview is to get people, goods, and vehicles through the facilities they maintain as safely, efficiently, and conveniently as possible, the MARLIN team implemented a robust, thoughtful, and strategic data collection site selection process.
  • Brorein Street/Cumberland Drive and Jefferson Street (The Selmon Greenway)
  • Meridian Avenue and Jackson Street
  • Brandon Parkway and Paul’s Drive
  • Pedestrian and Bicycle Counts
  • Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Analysis