Bluetooth Deployment

MARLIN staff deployed 26 devices along US Highway 98, stretching from Tallahassee to the Florida/Alabama state line. Funded by FDOT’s Office of Transportation Data and Analytics, the purpose of this study was to analyze traffic patterns on US Highway 98, with a particular focus on regional trips.

MARLIN also conducted two deployments for the Capital Region Transportation Planning Agency (CRTPA). MARLIN deployed 20 devices along a segment of Thomasville Road in Tallahassee to analyze traffic patterns in the Midtown area. The purpose was to establish a baseline data set for transportation planning and performance measurement of vehicle movement through this corridor. MARLIN also deployed another 15 devices as part of the CRTPA’s Southwest Area Transportation Plan. The purpose of the plan is to identify traffic patterns emanating from the Tallahassee International Airport through corridors in Southwest Tallahassee/Leon County to help develop a coordinated land-use/transportation plan that addresses future mobility needs and supports future development in a form that is consistent with the vision of surrounding communities.

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Capital Region Transportation Planning Agency (CRTPA)


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