Comprehensive Parking Study for Freight Transport

MARLIN estimated the demand for truck parking capacity for the Miami-Dade MPO and developed recommendations for the implementation of a truck parking program. Parking requirements were defined based upon types of operations.

Recommendations addressed long-haul and local driver needs. Sites were identified where possible and evaluated based upon defined amenities necessary to accommodate driver and vehicle needs for each type of operation (local and long-haul). Sites were further evaluated based upon their impacts on the surrounding community.

MARLIN performed the following activities for this study:

  • Coordination and outreach efforts with key stakeholders and policy committees
  • Review of previous studies and identification of best practices
  • Data collection efforts to identify existing truck activity centers and corridors, number of truck trips/truck drivers, truck parking facilities, and key truck OD pairs
  • Estimated magnitude of overnight truck parking demand
  • Developed an implementation plan for overnight truck parking facilities and areas
  • Prepared study documentation
Project Information


Miami-Dade County, Florida


Miami-Dade Transportation Planning Organization (TPO)


Freight, Logistics & Passenger Operations
Transportation Planning

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