Dynamic Envelope

MARLIN provided design services to the Florida Department of Transportation to modify the dynamic envelope at the Commercial Boulevard grade crossing in Fort Lauderdale. Specifically, MARLIN updated pavement markings within the dynamic envelope and corresponding signage at the Commercial Boulevard grade crossing.

The purpose of the project was to satisfy the Federal Railroad Administration’s call for Florida to reduce crossing accidents. MARLIN accepted this challenge by providing services to the Commercial Boulevard grade crossing that included milling concrete panels, taping metal edges, mixing and application of binder epoxy, application of yellow-colored bauxite aggregate, and implementing a striping “x” pattern after the resin and bauxite set. Additionally, MARLIN provided planning, scenario development, coordination, and safety services.

MARLIN collected data before and after the installation of the pavement markings and corresponding signage and the research indicates the installations resulted in a 45% decrease in the number of eastbound vehicles that stopped on the railroad tracks and a 14% decrease for westbound vehicles. MARLIN’s installations were effective at increasing the propensity for safe driver behavior.

Project Information


Fort Lauderdale, Florida


Florida Department of Transportation


Rail Planning & Operations
Roadway Design

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