Old Cutler Road Roadway Improvements

MARLIN provided CEI and public involvement for the reconstruction of Old Cutler Road which included adding 2 lanes, curb and gutter, shared use pedestrian/bicycle path, stormwater drainage, decorative street lighting, signalization, landscaping, and two traffic-calming circles at 97th Avenue and 87th Avenue. The roadway improvements provide a safe and efficient road for drivers, pedestrians, and bicyclists while enhancing the beauty of the Town.

Old Cutler Road is a historic landmark that crosses at the heart of the Town of Cutler Bay. It is a heavily used major arterial; therefore, the effective management of lane closures to keep the traffic flow and the proactive public involvement efforts to have stakeholders informed were pivotal to the success of this award-winning project.

MARLIN also coordinated and scheduled inspections, material testing, construction work, safety zones, relocation of public utilities, and organized stakeholders meetings and community outreach workshops.

Project Information


Cutler Bay, Florida


Town of Cutler Bay


Community Outreach
Construction Management

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