South Florida Rail Corridor Condition Assessment Inspections

MARLIN recently completed a very important and unique task work order on this contract. We performed assessment/inspections of 27 buildings owned by FDOT in the corridor which are leased to CSX, AMTRAK and/or TriRail. There has never been a comprehensive inspection like this in the past and the work now sets the table for FDOT to clarify to its tenants the condition of each building and the responsibilities of repair/ replacement of the owner and lessee.

Our team managed the inspections, prepared all the condition assessment reports, managed the subconsultants, and prepared a set of prioritized rankings of recommended corrective actions by adapting the FDOT’s “Bridge and Other Structures Reporting Manual” ranking format for building structures and associated MEP. MARLIN engineers created an interactive customized document which summarized each structure’s deficiencies, recommended corrective actions, priority, and cost estimates.

Project Information


Broward County, Florida


Florida Department of Transportation | District 4


Rail Planning & Operations

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