South Florida Rail Corridor Highway-Rail Grade Crossing Inspections

MARLIN was retained by the Florida Department of Transportation to perform a comprehensive inspection of the highway-rail grade crossing surfaces on the South Florida Rail Corridor. The inspections covered both Palm Beach County and Broward County. This inspection effort included amending the existing inspection report and procedures to include more inspection elements and actual survey measurements at each crossing. By using this amended procedure, we were able to evaluate the crossings in a fact-based approach. This process allowed for a consistent, predictable, and repeatable result and was used to rank the crossings according to their condition. The goal of this report is to provide the user with readily available information on the condition of the highway-rail grade crossings and allow the user to prioritize which highway-rail grade crossings to rehabilitate in a given budgeting year. This report is also designed to be used as a benchmark, for which future inspections can monitor the degradation of the crossings over time.

Project Information


Broward & Palm Beach Counties, Florida


Florida Department of Transportation | District 4


Rail Planning & Operations

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