Townwide Traffic Calming Master Plan

MARLIN prepared a Townwide Traffic Calming Master Plan to:

  • Evaluate and identify particular locations which presented speeding/traffic volume problems,
  • Determine whether and where traffic calming measures were needed
  • Developed suggestions as to what type of traffic calming measures are recommended for that particular street location in order to reduce any identified speeding and/or traffic volume problems.

A comprehensive data collection effort was performed as part of the study and included: 24-hour average daily and peak hour traffic counts and 85th percentile speed data. MARLIN developed a set of recommended traffic calming improvements, which included: speed tables, raised crosswalks, and roundabouts. A five year plan for implementation was prepared based on annual budget constraints and complexity of designing and implementing improvements.

Following the study, phase 2 of the project was the design of final construction plans and technical specifications, including obtaining necessary permits from Miami-Dade County. Post design services include preparation of bid documents and construction inspection services.

Project Information


Cutler Bay, Florida


Town of Cutler Bay


Roadway Design
Traffic Engineering
Transportation Planning

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