Transit Mobility Hubs Plan

MARLIN assisted the Town of Cutler Bay in applying for a grant from the Miami-Dade Transportation Planning Organization’s (TPO) SMART Mobility grant program.  The grant was awarded to the Town to create a Mobility Hubs Plan and MARLIN was selected to develop the Plan.  The Plan’s overall purpose is to improve connectivity, mobility and safety for pedestrians, bicyclists, and transit users throughout the Town, and make connections to the South Dade Transitway and Cutler Bay Town Center.

MARLIN is working with the Town to identify locations for neighborhood, community and commercial level mobility hubs along the Town’s roadway network. The Plan also includes an assessment of the Town’s Circulator bus and will provide recommendations to improve overall transit performance and connectivity.  GIS will be used to analyze existing and future stop use, route demographics, development of alternative system routes and land use for mobility hub placement.

Project Information


Cutler Bay, Florida


Town of Cutler Bay


Community Outreach
Roadway Design
Transportation Planning

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