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Developing innovative software and web applications for quality data management

Our mission is to provide quality technical services and work products to build safe, reliable and connected transportation systems for the 21st Century and beyond.

Technology Infusion

Due to infusion of new technologies in transportation related to Autonomous and Connected Vehicles (AV/CV), Smart Cities/IoT, LIDAR/machine vision, etc., there is an anticipated hope and expectation that these technologies will transform the way transportation services will be delivered to meet the needs of passenger and freight movement.

The challenge however, is to manage and use the new data to gain new insights and knowledge for developing smart solutions for transportation agencies. This is possible by using new data tools and technologies to unlock the potential of these new data sets to support programs and initiatives of transportation agencies to improve system efficiencies and quality-of-service and realizing a better Return on Investment (ROI).

Digital Transformation

With the creation of Civil Integrated Management (CIM) practice to better collect, process, store, share, and use digital data effectively, data management and analytics development has become a central focus of transportation agencies. Ranging from bridge decks to vehicle fleet management, technology deployments enable new and innovative ways to develop applications that enhance safety, mobility and reliability aspects of travel including efficient access to seaports, airports, and intermodal transfer facilities, that would have a profound impact in the way global and domestic supply chain needs are met.

Reimagining Transportation

MARLIN’s new practice’ is to meet data collection, management, analytics, and innovation needs of transportation agencies by adopting new data tools and technologies such as big data, AI/cognitive computing, machine learning, and industry best practice. Strategic partnerships with like-minded transportation and data-technology firms add enhanced capability to deliver state-of-the-art data-centric products and services that would enable transportation agencies to develop end-to-end travel solutions to enhance ‘user experience’ for both urban and inter-city travel.


Big Data
Cognitive Computing/Machine Learning
Data Analytics, Management, & Governance
Data Modeling & Use Cases Development
Data Systems Design & Architecture
Database Administration
IoT Platforms & Tools
Programming & Applications Development
Transportation Data Collection
Vision Statements, White Papers, Strategy Maps/Business Score Cards

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