Transportation Planning

A multi-modal approach to developing modern transportation systems

MARLIN understands that thoughtful and creative solutions are essential to improve transportation performance. From traffic analyses to urban mobility studies, we take a multimodal approach to planning and developing modern transportation systems for Florida’s diverse and growing population. Our staff ensures that all plans and studies are consistent with community values and in the context of their environment.


Complete Streets
Community Outreach
Congestion Management Planning
Multi-Modal Corridor Analyses
Pedestrian/Bike Master Plans
Policy Planning
Preliminary Concept Studies
Project Development & Environmental (PD&E) Studies
Quality/Level of Service (LOS) Analyses
Roadway Characteristics Inventories
Traffic Calming Master Plans
Trail Networks & Multi-use Paths
Transit Stop Location & Design
Travel Demand Forecasting
Urban Mobility Solutions


Commuter Rail and Feeder Bus Planning
Express Bus Park and Ride Lot Planning and Operations
Federal and State Grants and Contract Administration
Last Mile Services – Local Circulator & Microtransit Planning
Outreach and Coordination
Ped/Bike, ADA, Safety Access to Transit Planning
Plan Reviews
Regional and Local Fixed-Route Transit Service Development
Statewide Policy
Transportation Demand Management

Transit Planning

MARLIN is an industry leader in transit planning with a deep understanding of transit policies and procedures. Our team of planners and engineers have a track record of excellence, in-depth experience and technical expertise. This experience includes regional and local fixed-route transit service development, microtransit, TDM, paratransit, Title VI, ADA, outreach and coordination, federal and state grants and contract administration, transit system safety/security/vehicle compliance, procurement, plan review and on-site support.

MARLIN personnel are experienced in working with transit policies and procedures including Chapter 14-90. Our team has worked on transit-related mobility projects throughout the entire state of Florida ensuring a well-informed knowledge base. MARLIN’s expertise is working with Transit Grants, Complete Streets and M/TPO Coordination advocating on behalf of transit users through project coordination, program management, design reviews and community studies and plans. We are capable of supporting our partners in meeting the challenges and seizing opportunities for efficiency and innovation.

MARLIN is passionate about transit and our community.

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