Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Operations

Experienced in capturing essential data and information

Drones are here and are revolutionizing our industry. They are critical tools in the safe and efficient collection of data. Sending a full image of the territory helps us in planning logistics for the next step.

MARLIN brings experience in capturing high-resolution images and video, and essential data and information that our team understands how to use. Proving to be cost effective and decreasing project schedule, MARLIN’s in-house staff is trained in a full spectrum of UAV work. Our team of planners, engineers and data specialists are surveying inaccessible locations and providing improved data density and data resolution; inspecting bridge structures; and performing traffic surveillance and monitoring to provide more accurate traffic data.


2D Job-site Progress Tracking
3D Point Clouds
3D Textured Model
Bridge Inspections
Build-Out Monitoring
Construction Management
Construction Mapping & Tracking
Contour Line Maps
Digital Surface Models
Drone Mapping
Earthwork Monitoring
Georeferenced Imagery
Highway Design
Land Surveying
Orthomosaic Maps
ROV & Sonar Imagery
Thermal Inspections
Traffic Counts
Traffic Data
Traffic Flow
Traffic Management
Traffic Research
Vehicle Classifications
Vehicle Speed & Acceleration
Volume Measurement

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