Complete Streets

Enabling Safety, Empowering Mobility

MARLIN is committed to supporting a nationwide movement coalesced around a simple idea: our streets should work for everyone, of all ages and abilities, regardless of how they travel. This simple idea is “Complete Streets.” This powerful philosophy fundamentally redefines what a street is intended to do, what goals a transportation agency is going to meet, and how the community will spend its transportation funding. It breaks down the traditional separation of ‘highways,’ ‘transit,’ and ‘biking/walking.’ Instead, it focuses on the desired outcome of a transportation system that supports the safe use of a roadway for everyone, by whatever means they are traveling.


Design & Permitting
Greenways & Trails
Multimodal Connectivity
Multimodal Data Collection
Non-Motorized Infrastructure
Pedestrian Activated In-Road Lighting
Policy Planning
Safe Routes to School
Sustainable Design & Construction Practices
Transit Accessibility
Wayfinding & Signage

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