Traffic Engineering

“Pioneering traffic with modern solutions to ensure safety”

Multi-Discipline Approach to Traffic Engineering

MARLIN provides exceptional services through the development of traffic operations and safety studies. Our vision is clear: to provide the safest surface transportation systems for the community, while providing cost-effective solutions to our clients.

Traffic Calming Approach

Our Traffic Engineering Team has pioneered traffic calming throughout Florida as well as developed innovative and customized solutions to improve pedestrian and vehicular mobility. From team evaluations and traffic impact studies, to collaborating with local governments and FDOT, MARLIN is able to provide mutually beneficial solutions to our clients and the public.


Access Management Studies
Arterial Analysis
Intersection Analysis
Left Turn Phase Warrant Analysis
Level of Service/Capacity Analysis
Micro-Traffic Simulation
Pedestrian Safety Studies
Pedestrian/Bike Master Plans
Public Involvement
Qualitative Assessment
Road Safety Audits
Safety/Crash Analysis
Signal Warrant Analysis
Site Plan Development Review
Traffic Calming Master Plans
Traffic Data Collection
Traffic Impact Studies
Traffic Operation Studies

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