Data Analysis & Reporting For Transportation (DART)

Data Analysis & Reporting for Transportation (DART) is a web-based application that addresses Roadway Characteristics Inventory (RCI) error identification and reporting. This application was designed and created by MARLIN personnel.

DART provides a common User interface through a common menu structure consisting of multiple reporting categories. Each category’s interface has a common look and feel and provides feedback to the user on the status of report processing. This enables users to better analyze the roadway information by providing direct access to and feedback from the data.

DART utilizes a live RCI connection and an Oracle platform that adheres to OIT requirements. The applications are written to access the real-time RCI data and uses procedures for querying the data without making direct calls to the mainframe. This ensures the integrity of mainframe operations and allows multiple applications to be written that use real-time RCI data. This layer of procedures also performs relational data processing that allows applications to relate RCI characteristics as they are queried from the real-time RCI database while using minimum processing time of the mainframe.

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Florida Department of Transportation & TRANSTAT


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