Districtwide Highway Statistics Data Collection and Support

MARLIN provided all services in relation to fulfilling Roadway Characteristics Inventory (RCI) requirements for the District. Duties included: field data collection, data entry, data editing, HPMS, Basemap Correction Packages, RITA updating, regeneration and production of SLDs as well as GIS mapping and creating graphic applications, among others. One of the most critical activities during collection activities is related to construction notices which require capabilities to obtain information not only from the field after the construction is open, but being able to read construction plans, update the database, and update the SLDs. To address this activity we created applications to assist and to accelerate and elevate the quality of the work involving construction notices updates.

The MARLIN Team addressed modifications to the Functional Classification system by adding or deleting HPMS samples as appropriate. Coordination based on, the need to homogenize HPMS sample features such as functional classification, land use, jurisdiction, number of lanes, traffic flow breaks and the coding for the universal inventory was successfully handled.

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Florida Department of Transportation | District 3, 4, 6 & 7


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